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In ancient days, the fauxwood blinds had appearance as a cheap plastic. Now the days of the old look of fauxwood blinds are over. Today, they look similar to a real wood with having less budgeted cost. The affordability of fauxwood blinds is only concerned with low cost, which means, they are not made with cheap materials having less durability. They are an ideal option for households having children, particularly due to their state of being much durable and sturdy. Their durability is defined as a long-lasting quality that gives worth to money for a lengthy period of time. Moreover, they are an ideal opt for a better treatment of the window because of their withstanding of extra attention. They are also best for bathroom and kitchen due to their humidity resisting and moisture defying attributes.

Highlighting Traits of Fauxwood Blinds:

  • They have durability and high value as they do not get stain or peel.
  • They are ideal for a high-level humidity room.
  • They are easily coordinated with the current wood decor.
  • They increase a personal touch through cloth tapes, valances, and cornices.
  • They are an affordable resource to avail the warm look of wood in homes.
  • They are ideal for an extreme climate.
  • They offer natural and pleasing alternatives to a real wood.

Faux Wood Options for Windows:

Slat Sizes:

There is a varied availability of slat sizes for horizontal fauxwood blinds, such as 1", 2", and 2 ½". The choice of slat sizes necessitates the individuals to confirm about their homes' actual needing size. There is also availability of vertical fauxwood blinds having slat size of 3 1/2".

Colour Choices:

Around 15 varied colour options are available in accordance with different fauxwood blinds. The choice of colour still remains an option with different slat sizes. Even with one slat size, the fauxwood blinds personalize the home windows perfectly with the existing style and decor of a home.

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  • Fabrics used
    This product will make your home look beautiful
  • Operation Methods
    Great look, It really does look like real wood only its smarter.
  • Common Uses
    It comes in many colours and sizes to fit any decor that you need
  • Cleaning
    They are maintained very easily by just wiping them regularly with a soft lint free cloth.


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